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澳门赌博开户:The world's most expensive shares exceeded 300,000 US dollars Fund to follow Buffett's "compound miracle"

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内容摘要: US time on December 18, "War of the Stocks" Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Class A shares for the first time in history exce...

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US time on December 18, "War of the Stocks" Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Class A shares for the first time in history exceeded 300,000 US dollars / share, as well-deserved as the world's No. 1 high-priced stocks. The miracle of growth created by Berkshire Hathaway for more than half a century has also brought Buffett's notion of value investment deep into the hearts of the people. Appears in the view of a number of fund managers, the stock price level is not a good or bad judge of a stock factor, blacksmith still hard on its own. Behind the high share price is a high profit, otherwise the short-term rise eventually only "short-lived."

According to the current exchange rate of 6.596 yuan US dollars and RMB conversion, Berkshire Hathaway Class A shares of more than 1.97 million yuan per share.

in the investment world, repeatedly beat the market itself has not easy, but winning time decades-long big top coffee is very few, Buffett It was the most amazing of them. Statistics show that from 1965 to 2016, Berkshire Hathaway's stock price rose 20.8% annualized, significantly outperformed the S \u0026 P 500 index with dividend yield.

The miracle created by Berkshire Hathaway can not be separated from its legendary investment and mergers and acquisitions. Statistics show that early investment company Berkshire Hathaway invested $ 25 million, including the acquisition of ICS candy in 1972, 1999 acquisition of MidAmerican in 2008, BYD shares , and the subsequent American Express shares , Coca-Cola and Kraft Foods. At present, the Berkshire Hathaway company's more than 60 subsidiaries, business implications including railways, energy, Insurance , finance and retail.

In addition, Buffett also insisted "not split the stock" concept. In 1983, to shareholders letter, he said: "If you want to spin off the stock or take other actions that concern the stock price, we will attract those who are less than the seller's buyer." In Buffett's view, the stock split can only promote short-term Trading, not holding shareholders for a long time.

China Jinyang Shen Junwei, director of wealth management company, said Buffett had sent interest once after taking over Berkshire Hathaway in 1967 and subsequently insisted on not paying interest until now to reinvest the investment value into Berkshire Hathaway, and now the ultra-high stock price is everyone familiar "compound effect."

"with the current emphasis on large number of data, artificial intelligence program trading, AI systems such as Trader different chase short-term income strategy, Buffett still keep it simple, traditional value investing, each invest a minimum of shares held 8 years long. He Paying special attention to patience and not being easily affected by market volatility, which sounds easy, but not many people really put it into practice, "Shen Junwei said.

Looking beyond the world, there are quite a few companies that share the same "towering" share of Berkshire Hathaway. According to statistics, as of December 18, there are 14 stocks in the US stock market with a price of more than 1000 U.S. dollars per share. A share market Moutai , also in mid-November this year hit a record high of 719.96 yuan.

These stocks are "good-hearted" for many institutional investors. In their view, the stock price level is not a judge of a stock's good or bad factors, as long as the company's endogenous growth momentum, high-priced stocks are also high-quality investment targets.

Shanghai QDII According to the fund manager, some technology stocks listed in Hong Kong stocks or US stocks are currently at higher prices. However, from the perspective of long-term investment, the listed companies' internal growth momentum, industry competitiveness and performance certainty are even more important. Can not judge whether to have the investment value simply according to the absolute value of stock price.

"high price itself reflects the short-term view of the value of the stock market, but the future is to maintain high stock prices continued to rise even you need to continuously upgrade the company's own operating results. Blacksmith must own hardware, behind the high share price is highly profitable, otherwise the short-term The rise is only short-lived in the end. "Zhang Yong, former HSBC Shanghai and Hong Kong deep selection of emerging mixed-fund industry manager said.

In Yong view, the value of Buffett's investment philosophy has been accepted and absorbed by the vast number of investors, especially institutional investors, the recent two years, the structural A-share market has kept up the concept of value investing enjoys popular support. The future investment will continue to return to the listed company itself, choose those businesses with clear, continuous performance growth, management excellence in long-term holdings, grow with the company, is the right way to invest.





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